There will be no images posted today, but I do want to briefly ask a question related to photography, and in particular, online hosting of images:

Due to recent changes over at Yahoo & Flickr, I am no longer interested in using either service – for emails, or, for that matter, the bulk of my concert photography for quick viewing by the public.

Those of you who have stopped by and taken a look at my blog, see a selection of the images I took at shows many years ago, and then, I posted even more images on Photobucket [in the past], or Flickr, for the past half dozen years, or so.  The idea was to give the curious a chance to see a nearly full range of images from each artist/show, without the hindrance of my stories, since that certainly is understandable.

My question is:  would anyone reading this, have an alternative site [or sites] that isn’t going to cost much to use as a basic viewer, and is not going to require your first-born child, in exchange for your privacy?  I am leaving behind Photobucket and Flickr for reasons, which include: too many changes to their policies and web design [lack of viewer stats, without paying a premium, in the case of Photobucket], and too much intrusion into my personal information, plus, the annoyance of having to wade through far too many layers of AOL/Verizon garbage and ads [not to mention Google tracking ] just to get into the website and actually work with my images.

I would really appreciate any & all constructive discussion on this issue, as I intend to make the change[s] in the coming days and weeks, and leave that episode behind.

This will not prevent me from sharing the concert photos and stories, as I have done, over the past half-dozen years, as I am quite happy with WordPress and its domain.

Thanks, in advance, for taking the time to read this, and respond, should you decide to.